Tony Romo Sees Nothing Crazy About Life with Jessica

"We're two people who care about each other, and it's not hard to make it work," he says

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Tony Romo may be under intense pressure as star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, but one thing’s for sure: His relationship with Jessica Simpson “is not hard.”

“It’s a normal relationship,” Romo, smiling and relaxed, told PEOPLE during batting practice at Yankee Stadium as Starter athletic gear chaperone to Ben Brant, a 10-year-old Albany, N.Y., boy diagnosed with leukemia.

“There’s nothing exotic or crazy about it,” Romo, 29, says of Simpson. “We’re two people who care about each other, and it’s not hard to make it work when both of you want to see the other one. We make each other happy.”

As for how their relationship is faring, “It’s going good,” he says. “We have a fun being around each other. She’s a great girl. We enjoy each other’s company.”

When it comes to questions regarding his shape – earlier this month, Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett suggested Romo was “bottom-heavy” – the ballplayer says: “That’s just for other people to talk about. All you can do is put your head down and go to work each day and try to achieve. It’s all about just trying to achieve a goal and working hard to do it.”

Not that he’s suggesting a break before he reports to training camp. “I’m not a big vacation guy,” says Romo. “For me, it’s fun just playing games and I get to play a sport for a living. In some ways I’m lucky because I don’t need a vacation because I get to live out what I love to do.”

Helping Kids

On Tuesday, Romo’s focus was on the wishes of Brant, whom he met through the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which helps youngsters with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and life-altering injuries achieve their dreams.

The pair watched Yankee stars Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and Jorge Pasada smack balls clear out of the batting cage before the skies opened up, the rain poured down and all sought shelter in the Yankee dugout.

Jeter, who met Brant for the first time, gave the boy a bat. “We’re out here today trying to make him smile,” says Romo. “It’s a lot of fun.”

As for his plans for Jessica s 29th birthday on July 10? “That’s a secret,” he says. Any birthday party tips for Jessica you can give Tony? Share your comments below!
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