Tony Bennett Says He Might Collaborate with Beyoncé: 'She's a Great Person'

The crooner talks to PEOPLE about his next singing partner

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Lady Gaga better watch out, it looks like Tony Bennett might have a new leading lady.

“I like Beyoncé so I’d like to do something with her,” Bennett told PEOPLE at his 90th birthday celebration at NYC’s Rainbow Room when we asked who he wants to work with next.

“I think we’re going to do that because I’m doing a major special for NBC about three months from now,” he said. “She’s a wonderful performer and a great person.”

Bennett celebrated his 90th with a massive party among many of his celebrity friends like John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Katie Couric, and of course, Lady Gaga.

No matter whom he performs with in the future, no one will ever actually take Gaga’s place in his heart.

“I love her, she’s so talented,” he said of Gaga, whom he recorded an album with in 2014. “She’s got an awful lot of talent.” In fact, he thinks she ought to bring that talent to the big screen. “I really think she should be in films. I think she’d be a great movie star and I think the public would love to see her in movies.”

She’s well on her way, with a role in American Horror Story and a Golden Globe for best actress to show for it.

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