Tommy Lee Abides; Queen Mum Is Ill

WELL-BEHAVED: Former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, 38, is abiding by terms of probation for spousal abuse (after a 1998 brush with then-estranged wife Pamela Anderson) and is steadily working at completing a community service obligation, a prosecutor told Malibu Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira on Monday. The jurist ordered Lee back to court Jan. 4 for another progress report . . . WAYLAID: Britain’s Queen Mother Elizabeth, who will turn 101 on Saturday, withdrew from a public engagement scheduled for Wednesday, owing to high temperatures in London. Her doctors, saying that she is suffering from mild heat exhaustion, are waiting to see if she recovers sufficiently to take part in birthday celebrations slated for this weekend. “She’s fine and up and about,” William Tallon, the Queen Mother’s long-serving steward, told reporters outside her Clarence House residence. “People shouldn’t worry” . . . SUED: Country singer Carlene Carter and her companion, Howie Epstein (bassist for Tom Petty) are charged with owing more than $22,000 in fees for leaving six dogs in Kiki’s All Breed Grooming in Santa Fe, N.M., for more than a year, according to legal papers filed by kennel owners Gary Gibson and Darlene Sponsel (who reportedly still have the animals). Carter and Epstein could not be reached for comment . . . DENIED: R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, 44, in a British court on Tuesday, pleaded not guilty to five charges relating to an alleged air rage incident on an April 21 British Airways flight from Seattle to London. The American musician has had a trial set for Nov. 12 . . . HALTED: The northern California rock group Smash Mouth has canceled immediate tour dates after the death of its lead singer’s infant son, Presley Scott Harwell, son of Steve Harwell and Michelle Laroque. The child (born Jan. 26) died Saturday of complications from acute lymphatic leukemia, a rep told the Associated Press. The group, which performs the old Monkees’s hit “I’m a Believer” during the finale of the movie “Shrek,” does not know when it will resume its schedule.

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