The comedian says Marijuana oil is helping him stay positive
Credit: Neil Visel

Tommy Chong is keeping his sense of humor intact during a difficult time.

Calling his recent diagnosis of rectal cancer a “pain in the butt,” the comedian, 77, tells PEOPLE it is “by no means a death sentence.”

Chong, who also battled prostate cancer in 2012, will begin chemotherapy and radiation on June 22 and says he will soon be “good to go again.”

Chong, who has long been outspoken about the benefits of cannabis, credits his positive outlook to his use of marijuana oil, which he takes as a suppository twice a day and calls it “a miracle herb.”

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant says he is looking forward to a little down time during his chemo so that he can focus on writing a sequel to his hit 1978 comedy with Cheech Marin, Up in Smoke, the film that launched the Cheech and Chong comedy franchise.

Tommy Chong: My Cancer Diagnosis Is ‘By No Means A Death Sentence’

“It will be the same Cheech and Chong, just 40 years later.”

Besides the marijuana, he credits his high spirits to daily exercise, a healthy diet and a “beautiful wife.”

“My wife actually forbid me to die,” he says of his wife Shelby Chong. “She said ‘you are not leaving me.’ “