What did director Stanley Kubrick think of his “Eyes Wide Shut” stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? He liked them, according to the movie’s screenwriter Frederic Raphael in his newly-published memoir “Speaking of Kubrick.” When Kubrick first informed Tom and Nicole about the picture, according to Raphael, “They held hands. It was sweet. Now and again they’d kinda consult together. He’d look at her, she’d look at him, and he’d say: ‘OK, Nic?’ and she’d say: ‘If it is with you.’ They’re truly a married couple. It was kinda touching.”

  • “Eyes Wide Shut” held its Los Angeles premiere last night. Tom Cruise told reporters, “I can’t wait for people to see this movie.” Nicole Kidman said about the film’s revealing love scenes, “I think it’s different doing them with your husband. You can feel more comfortable.”