Tom, Julia & Their Spouses: 'After' the Premiere


Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts‘s new movie Charlie Wilson’s War was shown in at least 14 theaters at the Universal City Walk Cineplex Monday night. And after the screenings let out, Hanks was spotted, still holding wife Rita Wilson’s hand, politely introducing his mother to a group of friends with the security detail forming a loose ring around the group.

Roberts, in a snug, knee-length, black Dolce & Gabbana cocktail gown, was spotted with hubby Danny Moder as they made their way through the crowded lobby. Moder had his hands on Julia’s hips as they walked, forming what one onlooker dubbed “a lovey-dovey Conga line for two.”

At one point, with Julia engaged in conversation, Moder seemed to pull away as to give his wife a moment of privacy, but she took his hands from her hips, and wrapped them tightly under her own, across her stomach, pulling him into a long, reverse embrace.

At her “first really big premiere,” costar Jud Taylor revealed to PEOPLE what it was like to film a hot tub scene with an Oscar winner. “That was the first scene that we shot, on the very first day. I was sitting next to Tom Hanks in the hot tub, and he has to appear naked for the scene … he was wearing a nude sock, so it was a very surreal experience, cause you know, I tried my hardest not to look down.”
– Reagan Alexander

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