Tom Hanks Autograph Seeker Arrested

Police remove a man seeking the star's signature from the U.K. set of The Da Vinci Code

A man has been arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace on the U.K. movie set of The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks.

The purported culprit, described only as a 39-year-old, was attempting to obtain Hanks’s autograph as shooting took place at the medieval Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, reports the BBC.

Newspaper reports say that the alleged autograph hound had been hovering around the set for about a week, since the arrival of the movie crew.

The house of worship – which is serving as the backdrop to where the Holy Grail might be buried – had been closed to allow Hanks to shoot scenes from the film with costar Audrey Tautou. Hanks plays Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who gets trapped in a mystery that begins at the Louvre and then eventually threatens to rewrite the book on Christianity.

The film, directed by Ron Howard and due to be released next year, is based on Dan Brown’s novel, which has sold 17 million copies worldwide despite being criticized by the Catholic Church and several historians.

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