Tom Hanks also teases Toy Story 4 on The Ellen Degeneres Show Friday

By Michael Miller
September 09, 2016 03:30 PM
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

Woody the toy cowboy, meet Dory the amnesiac fish.

Tom Hanks and Ellen Degeneres gave Pixar fans a glimpse of what a Toy StoryFinding Nemo crossover movie might sound like on Friday.

The Sully star dropped by The Ellen Degeneres Show and revealed that he has begun working on Toy Story 4.

Hanks, who famously voices Woody the cowboy in the beloved animated franchise, then joked about his experience interacting with young Toy Story fans. He explained that the magic of meeting Woody gets lost when all the kids see is Hanks and not his digitally animated character.

One solution, he suggested, is having them close their eyes and enjoy listening to Woody, even if they can’t see him. To simulate the experience, Hanks asked the audience to cover their eyes and play along as he and DeGeneres conversed like their famous characters.

Check out the video for their hilariously adorable back-and-forth.