Tom Hanks All Alone

Ever the professional, Tom Hanks arrived 40 minutes early to the New York premiere of his new movie, “Cast Away,” directed by his “Forrest Gump” collaborator, Robert Zemeckis, and costarring Helen Hunt. Seeing that he was the only A-lister around (most stars like to arrive at events at the last minute), PEOPLE reports that Hanks jokingly yelled at his handler for all to hear, “Why am I the only movie star here?!” “Cast Away,” in which the double Oscar winner plays a stressed out FedEx worker who tries to survive on a desert island after his plane crashes, was dreamed up by Hanks and screenwriter William Broyles Jr. long before “Survivor” caught the nation’s fancy on TV. “Bill and I started working on this six years ago,” Hanks told PEOPLE. “It was a really hard movie to make. We had to go all over the world to do it.” Hanks said it was the goal of the filmmakers to avoid “conventional storyteller,” because they were out to please a critical audience. Said Hanks, “There is no smarter group of people than a group of people who go to the movies once a week.” By the way, Rosie O’Donnell soon showed up at the premiere.

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