Tom Green: Treating Cancer

MTV actor-comedian Tom Green, 28, has cancer, he disclosed yesterday. His illness was detected following a visit to the ShoWest entertainment convention in Las Vegas two weeks ago with galpal Drew Barrymore. Green visited a doctor on March 10 and on March 13, after undergoing surgery, doctors told Green he had testicular cancer, considered to be one of the most curable cancers in young men. This week, he will undergo further surgery for removal of lymph nodes, as a precautionary measure, a spokesperson for Green said. As Green told “Entertainment Tonight” on Monday’s show, he had not been feeling well and suspected that he might have injured himself while doing a stunt for his weekly “The Tom Green Show,” on which the Canadian native is known for his outrageous and often physical stunts and pranks. He is now preparing a special for MTV about his illness and treatment — and expects a full recovery. His reps say that he will not miss any work. His doctors, on the other hand, think that it may be a few months before Green is back in action. He will also be seen in the upcoming film “Road Trip.”

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