April 08, 1998 12:00 AM

A serious Tom Green? Seriously, that was his demeanor this past weekend at a New York press gathering to discuss his new gross comedy “Freddy Got Fingered,” reports PEOPLE. For instance, Green’s love interest in the movie, played by Marisa Coughlan, is a paraplegic named Betty. Green said in all earnest that her character should be “empowering to handicapped people.” The actor, 29, also claims that he DOES draw the line when it comes to comedy. “I definitely don’t think that there’s anything in this movie that’s in any way sort of mean.” (Among the scenes: Green’s fingers get, er, intimate with a horse.) “If people are covering their eyes because they don’t like the sight of blood or something like that,” he said, “that’s not a big deal to me.” Green also said that he and Drew Barrymore, 26, got married outside of the country when they were by themselves three weeks ago. Pressed as to what country that might have been, or where PEOPLE might find an actual marriage certificate, Green grew seriously evasive.

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