The actor wows M:I3 fans, but can't wait to get home for "loads of kisses"

After zipping around Manhattan via helicopter, speedboat, subway train, sports car and fire truck, Tom Cruise arrived in an SUV Wednesday night to his final stop: the Ziegfeld Theater, where his Mission: Impossible III had its third premiere of the day.

Wearing a dark suit and pink shirt, Cruise climbed up through the sunroof to stand on the car, then spent about an hour signing autographs and posing for photos with fans, even as it started to rain.

Once the screening started, he came out of the theater to answer questions, but cautioned reporters, “I’m about to get on an airplane right now and go home.”

Asked by PEOPLE what he planned to do first when he got home, Cruise replied, “Kiss. Loads of kisses. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Most definitely.” Who will get the first kiss: fianc e Katie Holmes or their 2-week-old daughter, Suri? “It would be Kate first.”

Before the Ziegfeld, Cruise attended a premiere at Harlem’s Magic Johnson Theater. There, he met up with Kanye West, who produced the movie’s song, “Impossible.”

“When I met with him in the studio, man, you just can’t tell Tom Cruise no,” West told PEOPLE of agreeing to do the song.

Later, Cruise told reporters, “Harlem, to me, when I get to New York, that is a prominent part of the New York experience. I was honored to be able to go up there.”

At M:I3‘s first premiere of the day, at the Tribeca Film Festival downtown, Cruise arrived by motorcycle at 4 p.m. and spent 45 minutes signing autographs for teenage fans.

Even at the night’s end, at Cruise’s SUV started to pull away from the Ziegfeld theater, the actor rolled down his window to provide a few last autographs, and kept waving as screaming admirers hung on his car all the way to the corner.

With the help of police escorts, the car ran a red light and disappeared – presumably to get Cruise home so the kissing could begin.