Tom Cruise, Unconstitutional?

Hollywood entertainment reporters are grumbling about what seems to be a new wrinkle in the micromanagement of the public images of major stars, if not a downright violation of the First Amendment. Tom Cruise’s public relations firm, PMK, handed out waivers for the press to sign — demanding that journalists agree to certain conditions before they could gain access to interview the star of “Eyes Wide Shut.” The waiver gives PMK the right to see in advance rough cuts of any TV reports featuring interviews with the actor (ensuring that Cruise is not portrayed in a negative light) and the option to veto any segments it wants to prior to broadcast. The waiver also specifies that unused video “will be destroyed” and news outlets must, if asked, “supply evidence of such destruction.”

  • “Entertainment Tonight” and “Access Hollywood” were among those handed the waiver. “ET” didn’t sign it, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.
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