Tom Cruise: 'It's Great to be 50'

A rep for the star dispute online reports Cruise talked about his divorce

Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty

He’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world. But how is Tom Cruise coping with entering a new decade?

“It’s great to be 50,” Tom Cruise tells the German TV network ProSieben. “I enjoy it.”

One favorite gift: A new motorcycle he loved driving around Iceland, where he was filming Oblivion, his new thriller out April 19, when he turned 50 last July 3.

“For my 50th birthday Joe [director Joe Kosinski] and the studio gave me a bubble bike. … It was so amazing. … I was allowed to ride it in areas where you are no longer allowed to drive. [Iceland] is a beautiful country.”

And he’s not too old to learn new tricks.

Making films “is a constant learning process,” Cruise says. “Sometimes you think you know it all, but it kind of hits you know nothing about movie-making. And that’s what drives me, that I constantly learn something.”

But, contrary to quotes circulating online attributed to the interview, Cruise didn’t talk about his divorce last year from Katie Holmes or muse about life being “tragicomic.”

A rep for the actor maintains those quotes were fabricated or taken out of context, and the interviewer, Steven Gaetjen, says he never asked Cruise about Holmes or the divorce.

Cruise did say he wouldn’t balk if his kids Connor, Isabella and Suri wanted to follow him into acting, noting that they’ve grown up around movie sets. (Connor has already acted in movies such as Red Dawn.) “The door is open for them,” Cruise says.

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