Plus: "I've got some things in store," he says of the couple's upcoming anniversary

By Jeffrey Slonim and KC Baker
Updated November 07, 2007 02:30 PM
Credit: Miguel Villagran/AP

Tom Cruise is still catching his breath over wife Katie Holmes‘s stunning New York City Marathon Day performance on Sunday.

“I know, she’s impressive,” Cruise, 45, told PEOPLE on Tuesday night, when he was honored by the Museum of the Moving Image at its annual black-tie salute. “She inspires me.”

Not only did Holmes, 28, finish in the respectable time of 5:29:58, but only a few hours later, looking totally refreshed, she was shining at the Museum of Modern Art premiere of his new movie, Lions for Lambs.

“I said that she trained for three months” to run the marathon, said Cruise, “but it was really only over two months, actually. So, it’s quite an accomplishment [for] anyone to do that.”

Cruise also said that his wife had run 18 miles in Berlin, Germany, where he was filming the World War II drama Valkyrie. Holmes told PEOPLE she ran “in all the different parks that they have there.”

Recapturing the excitement of Sunday afternoon, when he and 18-month-old daughter Suri met Holmes at the finish line, Cruise said, “Have you ever been there at the final when people are running in at that marathon? It’s an incredible experience, actually, to see people coming in. You can see what it means.”

With his first-year wedding anniversary approaching this month, Cruise was asked what he and Holmes would be doing. “I’ve got some things in store,” he told PEOPLE.

Secret plans? “Absolutely.”

Katie Sings of Lovin’ Feeling

As for the museum’s salute to Cruise, guest speaker Will Smith said, “Because I’m very secure in my manhood, I can say – you are very handsome. You the man, baby!”

Holmes had words of praise, too. She told PEOPLE of her husband, “He’s a constant source of inspiration and love.” She even sang about him – as did the rest of the crowd. The song? The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” the version from Cruise’s 1986 Top Gun.