Cruise says he and Katie Holmes "can t take their eyes off" their new daughter, Suri

Father’s Day came early to the Late Show with David Letterman, where on Tuesday night new dad Tom Cruise gushed about baby Suri – and his fiancée, Katie Holmes.

“She’s a beauty – it’s crazy,” he said of his two-week-old daughter.

Letterman, himself an unwed dad to 2-year-old Harry, interjected, “By the way, you’re not married.”

“Did you have to bring it up?” Cruise shot back, then added, “I can’t wait to get married.” He was mum on the details, though he has said he and Holmes plan to wed sometime this summer.

As the two men discussed the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood, Letterman asked his guest to describe the arrival of his baby. Said Cruise: “It’s exciting and kind of surreal because, all of a sudden, it’s happening. Suddenly there’s going to be this other person, and I found myself wanting to relish every moment and not forget it.”

Was the delivery a long process, Letterman wondered? “No,” said Cruise. “It happened quickly.”

Cruise also said the baby is now up to 7 lbs., 10 oz., has a lot of hair, and remains at home with her mother, while he travels to promote his new movie, Mission: Impossible III, which opens Friday.

“Kate and I can’t take our eyes off of her,” said Cruise, who added that Holmes’s mother and his own are providing most of the baby advice they require. Of Holmes, Cruise said, “She’s magnificent. She has done so well an incredible woman.”

“She’s so good looking,” commented Letterman.

“That’s the first thing I noticed,” replied Cruise.

On Wednesday, Cruise continued his publicity blitz, appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly. As for how he and Katie share parenting tasks: “She’s a woman so she does the womanly things, Cruise said, indicating breastfeeding. His duties, he said, include burping the baby and changing diapers.

Of the lack of sleep that comes with having an infant, Cruise said with a laugh, “I don t sleep much anyway.”

The same morning, he appeared on Good Morning America, where he said of his daughter, “Suri, she’s very strong. She’s kicking.” He added that he feared she’d kick herself off the changing table as he reached for diapers.

After his interview, Cruise told PEOPLE that Suri “is just so beautiful. So beautiful.” On how Holmes is doing, he said, “She’s doing spectacular.”

Cruise will continue promoting his new movie on Wednesday by zipping through Manhattan via fire engine, speedboat, helicopter, sports car and subway to do interviews and attend the film s New York premiere.