But the actor opens up about his kids: "I'll support them in whatever it is they want"
Credit: ason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Is there a star who loves his fans more than Tom Cruise?

The 50-year-old actor spent a whopping three-plus hours fist-bumping, snapping pictures and high-fiving the massive crowd that assembled on Hollywood Boulevard Wednesday night for the L.A. premiere of his new sci-fi film, Oblivion.

But while he happily chatted with fans, the megastar – who, contrary to reports, did not talk about his 2012 divorce from Katie Holmes in a German magazine this week – smoothly deflected a question about whether he is open to finding love again.

“Right now, all I’m thinking about is Oblivion!” he told PEOPLE.

The film is yet another physically rigorous role for the daredevil actor, who says that during shooting in Iceland he often got only one or two hours of sleep per night.

His secret to staying in top form? “No sleep, and focus, and work your ass off!” he said with a laugh. “It’s also that I get to do something I love to do.”

As for how he would feel if his nearly-7-year-old daughter, Suri, decided to follow her parents into showbiz, “All of my kids, each one will do what they’re going to do,” he said, “and I’ll support them in whatever it is they want.”