Known for more than just their quarterback skills, the powerhouses faceoff

By Alison Schwartz
January 14, 2012 04:00 PM
Barry Gutierrez/AP

Tim Tebow is as known for his game-time prayer poses as he is for his fourth-quarter comebacks. Come Saturday night, the Denver Broncos quarterback will get yet another shot at redemption.

The game comes a week after a noteworthy Broncos victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which Tebow threw a career-high 316 yards (a number that corresponds to his favorite Bible verse).

But last time Tebow went head-to-head with Tom Brady‘s New England Patriots, his six-game winning streak was put to a halt in the hands of the seasoned pro.

In Brady’s 12-season NFL career, he’s thrown 300 touchdowns and passed 39,979 yards as the team’s quarterback. He has a decade of experience playing professional ball on Tebow, who’s thrown 17 touchdowns and passed 2,323 yards in his mere two seasons on the field.

It’s a tough comparison, so is sizing up Tebow, 24, and Brady, 34, from their hot-body secrets to their hot ladies in the stands. Choosing who to cheer for has never been more fun!


It was an ongoing joke that hit the Web when he first stepped on to the field at Florida in 2006: “Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.” The Chuck Norris-style digs at the quarterback’s Kryptonite-intolerant fan have inspired T-shirts – even comic-book art. (Marvel comic book artists drew Tebow, whom they called “nothing short of a superhero,” for ESPN in December.)

But Brady has proven himself a hero in other ways – at the Super Bowl. He has three Super Bowl wins to his name (XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX), and he was crowned the Super Bowl MVP twice (XXXVI, XXXVIII).

Not to mention Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen.

Their Cheerleaders

Brady has no need to play the field with Bündchen, the world’s highest-paid supermodel, by his side. Together since 2006, they have a son, Benjamin, 2. (Brady also has a 4-year-old son, John, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.)

Tebow, on the other hand, has been famously candid about saving his virginity for marriage. As for having a special somebody on the sidelines, rumors he was dating Olympic skier (and fan!) Lindsey Vonn proved to be false.


If Brady and Tebow have anything in common, it’s that they both know how to rock their football uniforms. So how do two of the NFL’s hunkiest hard bodies stay at the top of their games?

In a previous interview, Brady said he clocks in 40 to 60 minutes of cardio six days a week with weight-lifting four days a week.

Tebow takes his fitness one step at a time. In college, the quarterback would hit up the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (nicknamed The Swamp) and run up and down every aisle. That’s 1,500 steps, according to Fox News.

Charity Champions

When it comes to giving back, both quarterbacks earn a touchdown. Staying true to his do-good nature, Tebow announced last year that his Tim Tebow Foundation would help build a children’s hospital in the Philippines (slated to be completed by 2013).

Just last summer, Brady hosted the second-annual Tom Brady Football Challenge to benefit one of his favorite charities, Best Buddies International, an organization that works with people with intellectual disabilities. (His wife is also no stranger to digging deep into her pockets and was recognized as one of the most generous celebrities by Forbes.)

That’s the Spirit

Tebow’s devotion to Christianity is perhaps the only thing greater than his love of the game. Jesus himself – well, the wise-cracking Jason Sudeikis on Saturday Night Live – may have told him to “take it down a notch,” but the quarterback doesn’t hide his faith on game day. His signature move? Dropping down on his knee right on the field, better known as Tebowing.

You probably won’t see Brady taking a timeout to pray, but the quarterback, who was raised in an Irish American Catholic family, has his religious ties, too. After all, he did marry Bündchen in a Roman Catholic Church in St. Monica, Calif.

Either way, only one can win the playoff game!