The Patriots quarterback hits back at critics who speculate that family life put a damper on his game

By Charlotte Triggs
January 13, 2010 12:00 PM
Amy Sussman/Getty

Tom Brady has a message to critics who say the Patriots’ recent losses have anything to do with his personal life: Back off!

“Hopefully because I got married, that doesn’t affect the way I play quarterback,” Brady, 32, said in his weekly radio interview with the Dennis & Callahan show on WEEI Sports Radio. “That’s not something I’ve thought much about … That my performance as a football player is going to go down because I got married or I had children.”

Critics have said that Brady, who led his team through an undefeated season in 2007 before losing the Superbowl to the New York Giants, has seemed distracted this year.

But Brady, who married supermodel Gisele Bündchen in two ceremonies in Santa Monica and Costa Rica last year, and welcomed a new baby, Benjamin, in December, disagrees.

“It’s funny for me – there’s not a lot of things going on in my life other than my career and my family,” he said. “I think my life is very focused,” he added.

And there’s no doubt about his priorities. “I prioritized with the things that are important to me. That’s my family and my football career. There’s nothing other than that.”
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