Taylor Swift Squad Member Todrick Hall Sounds Off on Kimye Feud: 'She's One of the Most Genuine People I've Ever Met'

"People should always have the opportunity to defend themselves," Hall says of pal Swift

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If you have “Bad Blood” with Taylor Swift, you have “Bad Blood” with the #squad.

Sunday night, Kim Kardashian West posted videos on Snapchat of a private phone call between husband Kanye West and Swift, implying the pop star approved the rapper’s song lyrics calling her a bitch and taking credit for her fame in his new song “Famous.”

Shortly after, Swift took to Instagram to slam the reality TV couple, and friends including Selena Gomez and childhood BFF Abigail Anderson came to her defense on social media.

And they’re not the only ones sticking up for Swift: Pal Todrick Hall is now calling out the Kardashian-West clan for being “shady.”

“In the words of Sweet Brown, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that.’ I’ve had my Regina George moments in my life, [but] I think there’s a reason why you would call someone and record them,” Hall – who is currently on tour promoting his visual album Straight Outta Oz – tells PEOPLE.

“I’m not sure of everything that happened or did not happen, but all I know is I feel that I would feel taken advantage of if someone recorded me without me knowing it,” the viral singer adds.

“My heart goes out to her because she never asked to be a part of this whole Kimye experience. She just wanted to accept an award. And it’s just, literally, like Bring It On – you know how they keep making Bring It On movies again and again and again? It’s like it doesn’t seem it will end.”

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Hall has known Swift since he released a mash-up of her greatest hits last year and vouches for her character.

“She’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Hall says.

The choreographer (he worked on Beyoncé‘s “Blow” video) hopes the drama ends soon.

“In this time when people are getting shot and killed left and right? Something horrible could happen in this country, and I just feel like we should be writing music that’s helping change the world and not trying to do things to get extra press and calling them and giving them half of a story of what you’re gonna do on your album. It’s not cool,” he adds.

And while the singer is still a fan of Kardashian West and West, friendship comes first.

“I like them,” he says. “But I feel like people should always have the opportunity to defend themselves. To be called on a whim and be asked to be a part of something that you half-know what it is and it’s controversial? That’s not the way things should have been approached. It should have never been presented on a phone call in a shady, dark room.”

As for repercussions, both Kardashian and West could face fines or even jail time for recording and sharing the phone call, as taping a conversation without both parties’ consent is illegal in California.

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