Todd Palin's Injuries Required Six Hours of Surgery: Source

Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin's husband underwent six hours of surgery following his snowmobile accident, PEOPLE has learned

Photo: NBC Universal Media

Sarah Palin called her husband Todd “tough” after he was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident.

She wasn’t kidding: a source tells PEOPLE that Todd’s injuries were so extensive they required six hours of surgery overnight after the crash.

After victories in several states on Super Tuesday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump addressed the incident in his victory speech.

“I want to pay my respects, by the way, to Todd Palin, Sarah’s husband. Sarah was here, she was incredible. She was making a speech on my behalf,” he said of the former Alaskan governor, who has endorsed him.

“He was in a very bad accident,” Trump continued of Todd. “He’s tough as nails, he’s gonna be fine.”

Sarah Palin Pulls Out of Donald Trump Rally After Husband Todd Injured in ‘Very Serious’ Snowmobile Crash

Todd and Sarah’s daughter Bristol Palin, has also described her father as the “toughest guy I know” after the crash.

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