Todd Fisher says his niece Billie Lourd is in great hands with her boyfriend Taylor Lautner

By Char Adams
June 13, 2017 08:00 AM

Taylor Lautner has Todd Fisher‘s stamp of approval.

Fisher, 59, said he believes his niece, Billie Lourd, is in good hands with Lautner as she copes with the deaths of her mother, Carrie Fisher, and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.

“The truth of the matter is the guy is – he’s pretty spectacular,” Fisher told E! News. “He’s a really deep person and he has supported her amazing.”

Lourd, 24, and Lautner, 25, began their relationship shortly before the Scream Queens actress lost her mother and grandmother in December.

Source: Billie Lourd/Instagram
Credit: Source: Billie Lourd/Instagram

Fisher died on Dec. 27 at age 60. She had been hospitalized for four days after suffering a heart attack while flying from London to Los Angeles on Dec. 23. Her mother, Singin’ in the Rain icon Reynolds, died at the age of 84 a day later, on Dec. 28.

The Twilight star has been with Lourd every step of the way during the difficult time. He even joined Lourd at the hospital when Fisher was being treated in the days before her death.

“He’s stepped up and acted like a husband would act,” Fisher said of Lautner. “I mean, not that that’s what’s going on, but it’s just an amazing support system for her and I’m glad he’s in her life.”

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Fisher added that although Lautner has seemed to win him over, he still kept a close eye on the actor in the early days of the relationship.

“I’m gonna certainly give that guy the extra look over,” Fisher told E! “I don’t give a s— what his background is, he’s getting my extra look.”