"I think he's a great guy. He's got a great sense of humor, but he's an NBA player," Todd told Access Hollywood Live on Thursday about his daughter's new guy

February 23, 2017 04:00 PM

Savannah Chrisley has a new man in her life — and her father Todd has a few opinions about the budding relationship.

Sitting down with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, the Chrisley Knows Best stars dished about 19-year-old Savannah’s new guy, Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons.

Todd revealed to the co-hosts that he found out about the romance a few weeks ago when a social media user informed him that his daughter was out to dinner with the NBA star.

“I think he’s a great guy. He’s got a great sense of humor, but he’s an NBA player,” Todd said. “He’s got a great personality, but you know, he’s an NBA player. So with that being said … I think that NBA, they’re hoe hounds.”

But Savannah, who has attended one of Parsons’ games, was quick to defend her man that she’s been seeing for a few weeks: “He’s sweet. We have fun. So you see where it goes.”

Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty

Even though Todd has “had multiple conversations with him” and thinks “he’s got the best personality,” he’s still hesitant about their “new friendship” and doesn’t want his daughter to just be one of many girls dating the athlete.

When he first found out about his daughter’s romance with Parsons, he took to Google to research the basketball star and thought “what a douche bag.” But after spending time with the 28-year-old Grizzlies player, he “got to know him and I have to tell you — one of the greatest personalities that’s out there.” But even though he’s gotten to know him, he is sticking to his first opinion that was formulated from a search on the Internet: “I’m sure he’s still a douche bag. But, I mean, he’s an acceptable douche bag.”

Although Todd is cautious about the relationship, there’s at least one thing he definitely admires about Parsons: picking up the dinner tab.

“We went out to dinner, I tried to pay and he got mad and he was like, ‘No, don’t ever think that’s going to fly with me,’ ” Savannah said about a date with Parsons.

Todd chimed in, “Which was so different than the last one. So you know, listen, anything from where she was to where she is today was a step up.”

“I truly believe that God creates someone for everyone,” said Todd, who added, “I certainly believe that whoever God created for Savannah has their work cut out for them.”

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