Tobey Speaks of Alcoholics Anonymous

Tobey Maguire must be on a confessional kick.

Just weeks after apologetically telling the Los Angeles Times that his bad behavior almost got him axed from the “Spider-Man” sequel, the actor now reveals to Playboy magazine that he has joined Alcoholics Anonymous, USA Today reports.

Without explaining what brought him to the program, Maguire, 28, admits, “It totally changed my life. … AA is no-frills spirituality. There are no hokey traditions. It’s so simple.”

Although AA is historically meant to be anonymous, Maguire goes on to talk about it. He says, “I come in, I ask for help. I’m willing. The person doesn’t tell me what to do, they tell me what they did. You could be brainless and do it.

“You do what they ask you to do and (stuff) happens. Your life gets better. Your life changes.”

Maguire’s certainly has, after he was reportedly fired from “The Amazing Spider-Man” after trying to dictate how and when the sequel would be shot.

Maguire feared a recurring back problem would begin acting up, after already riding a horse for his role in “Seabiscuit.” He also missed studio appointments, he admitted, because “I was exhausted and didn’t understand the importance of it,” Maguire told the Times.

As a result of his attitude and behavior, Columbia Pictures apparently was ready to replace Maguire with Jake Gyllenhaal — secure in the belief that, like James Bond, the role of Spidey was bigger than the actor.

But Maguire eventually buckled and made nice with all parties concerned.

“I feel I learned a lesson,” Maguire told the paper in May. “The movie is the most important thing.”

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