"I expected to fall completely in love with my child," the actor says of daughter Ruby

By Sara Hammel
Updated April 10, 2007 09:40 AM

Tobey Maguire may play a crime-fighting web-slinger in the Spider-Man movies, but in real life his greatest thrill comes from being a dad.

“When she smiles, it’s the most fantastic thing ever,” Maguire, 31, tells Men’s Journal of Ruby Sweetheart, the daughter he and fiancée Jennifer Meyer welcomed in November.

“But it’s not like I didn’t expect that. I expected to fall completely in love with my child,” he says.

Spider-Man 3 opens May 4, but Maguire says he isn’t sure if he’ll play the superhero a fourth time. “I might do another Spider-Man movie – I don’t know,” he tells the magazine in its May issue.

“I appreciate movies from a standpoint of entertainment and distraction, and I also love when people make movies that help raise awareness. I don’t really have a lot of formed ideas. It’s more just thoughts.”

The actor recently told Parade he wasn’t sure about staying in Los Angeles: “I’m at that stage where I have to start thinking about where I want Ruby to grow up and go to school. And even though L.A. is pretty laid-back, maybe it would be a good idea to try a different, less ambitious kind of atmosphere.”

He also tells Men’s Journal he began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at age 19. “I have an addictive nature,” he says, “an obsessive-compulsive nature – well, I don’t know that’s what it is clinically. But I go to addictive extremes, and before I got sober, that became routine.”