"He has the most amazing spirit and will to live," a close friend of comatose MTV host TJ Lavin tells PEOPLE

By Danielle Nieman and Dahvi Shira
October 19, 2010 06:15 PM

If anyone has the strength to pull through a coma, it’s MTV host TJ Lavin, says his close pal Sal Masekela.

“He has the most amazing spirit and will to live,” the former E! host told PEOPLE at the Ryan Sheckler Celebrity Skins Classic at Trump National Golf Course in Los Angeles. “He is someone who has banked up an immense amount of good karma over the course of his life.”

Masekela says Lavin’s mom, who has been “by his side constantly,” also feels “absolutely positive knowing that [Lavin] is going to be okay.”

The professional BMX rider is in a medically induced coma after he was injured in the same stunt that also landed fellow BMX pal Ty Pinney in a coma just a few days prior.

Masekela, who says he “can’t wait to see [Lavin] back on [his] bike,” thinks of his longtime pal as a thoughtful individual.

“Every Christmas, I get a call from him … saying, ‘Hey man, miss you. Love ya,'” Masekela says. “That’s just the kind of dude that he is.”