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July 29, 2009 10:55 AM

Tito Jackson says he wants justice for his brother Michael’s unexpected death.

“I had no clue what was being done by his personal physician whatsoever,” Jackson, 55, tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview that aired Tuesday. “If he is responsible, whoever is responsible, they should be brought to justice. Michael was physically fine as far as I’m concerned, he was strong, he was in good health, he was playing and happy and everything was fine … he was totally healthy.”

According to the elder brother, the family tried to stage an intervention for their most famous sibling years before, but failed when they couldn’t penetrate Michael’s phalanx of advisors and employees.

“Some people care about their job than more so than the person’s health and well-being, and I think that’s what we experienced, some of the employers, security or whatever, were more concerned about their paychecks than letting us check on our brother,” he says.

The last time he saw Michael, Tito says, was for their parents’ 60th anniversary, three weeks before his death. “I told him I loved him, and he told me he loved me more, which is something he always says,” Tito says.

Shortly after, he heard of Michael’s death when sister Janet Jackson called him while he was driving in the car. “She said, ‘Pull over,’ and right when she said that I knew he was gone. She said, ‘Tito, he’s gone.’ ”

Tito Jackson says he hasn’t visited Michael’s body, which he says is currently being kept at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles until the family works out his final resting place.

“I want to remember my brother as I knew him and not think of him as the last time I saw him,” Tito says.
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