A piece of the great ship's grand staircase has become available, along with some of its fine china

Credit: Courtesy RR Auction(2)

With April 15 marking the 102nd anniversary of the Titanic‘s sinking, some memorabilia from the great ship is set for RR Auction, which begins April 17.

Items on the block include actual pieces of the ship – like this rivet head – and tools used in its construction – such as these handsome goggles.

With hundreds of objects on sale, here are eight must-see pieces.

White Star Line China Tea Cup

“This is an extremely rare set believed to have been destined for the first class a la carte restaurant on-board [the] Titanic Although the general practice was for china to be interchangeable amongst White Star Line ships, the exquisite pattern of these pieces, coupled with the fact that very few similar pieces have surfaced, suggests that that this pattern was reserved for exclusive use on [the] Titanic ” Starting Bid: $1,000.

Titanic Lifeboat Flag

Incredibly scarce flag removed from a Titanic lifeboat also accompanied by the original travel receipt of Istivan Osatai, the gentlemen who originally removed the plaque from a lifeboat, showing that he was a passenger on Carpathia on the very voyage that rescued [the] Titanic‘s survivors.” Starting bid: $1,000.

Piece of the Titanic‘s Grand Staircase

“A very large section of the Titanic s aft Grand Staircase, measuring 19 x 2.75, believed to have once been a part of a step, recovered by the Minia and turned by the ship s carpenter William Parker into a picture frame which he crafted for the Minia s Chief Officer, James Adams.” (Historical Note: The Minia was the second of four ships chartered by the White Star Line to search for bodies in the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic.) Starting bid: $1,000.

White Star Line Poster

Exceedingly rare color poster for the White Star Line of the company s two newest and biggest ships, the Titanic and Olympic, circa early 1912. Originally done by Montague Birrell Black, the poster shows the Olympic steaming ahead, with its decks and bow full of passengers, with the Titanic steaming away in the background.” Starting bid: $1,000.

John W. Gill Silver Half-Dollar

“A 1906 U.S. silver half-dollar, recovered from the body of Titanic victim John W. Gill Spending 13 for his ticket, Gill was supposed to be joined on the voyage by his wife and father-in-law to start a new life in America, but he traveled alone when Sarah and her father stayed behind to complete their business, while intending to join John later that year. Married for only two months when he died, his wife fell in to such a state of shock that she was unable to speak for over 20 years.” Starting bid: $500.

Original Schematic of the Titanic

Incredibly detailed Titanic schematic prepared exclusively for the official British enquiry, illustrating the controversial amount of lifeboats, the extended bulkheads, and the fatal gash to Boiler #6.” Starting bid: $5,000.

Postcard of Titanic Leaving Southampton

This handsome postcard is one of many the auction house has for sale: Bidding starts at $200.

The Molly Brown Loving Cup

“Original sterling silver Loving Cup presented to Captain Arthur Rostron of the Carpathia by Titanic survivor Margaret Brown – later famously known as Molly Brown – in a ceremony on May 29, 1912.” (The Carpathia was the first ship to respond to the Titanic‘s distress call – a “loving cup” is a two-handled cup, symbolizing friendship and unity, exchanged at weddings, banquets or meetings.) Starting bid: $25,000.

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