Tina Fey: My Generation's Been Duped

The 30 Rock creator thinks the idea of having it all is just a trick


The good times are over for Tina Fey. (That’s a joke, of course.)

But the 30 Rock creator does tell Parade for its issue Sunday: “I think my generation has been slightly tricked in that you’re really encouraged to try to have it all.

“And sometimes your body will not let you wait as long as you want,” adds the working mom, whose daughter, Alice, was born in 2005 – and prompted Fey, 37, to take only a 43-day maternity leave before heading back to Saturday Night Live.

As for her schedule these days, with the writers’ strike resolved (and her new movie, Baby Mama, opening April 25): “We wrap shooting on a normal day by 7 p.m.,” she says. “Most times, I then bring three or four writers home with me. I’ll put Alice to bed before they come over, then we continue writing until I can no longer stay awake. It’s very full.”

And, sometimes, tearful. “Last spring, my husband was trying to joke around with me. I was saying, ‘Please stop talking. I’m trying to go to sleep,’ and he kept talking. Out of the blue … I just went, ‘Stop it!!!’ and shoved him across the bed. The life of the working parent is constantly saying, ‘This is impossible,’ and then you just keep doing it.”

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