The 30 Rock star likens her role to Sex and the City's heroine – sort of

By Daniel S. Levy
October 07, 2009 01:50 PM

Dorothy Parker may have said, “Men seldom makes passes at girls who wear glasses,” but for Tina Fey, her spectacles are a badge of honor – most of the time.

“I don’t wear them when I am dressed up, because then I would look like Tootsie,” the Emmy-winning 30 Rock creator and star tells Harper’s Bazaar for its November issue.

In fact, Liz Lemon, Fey’s alter ego on her NBC sitcom, might soon “start taking her glasses off more and more,” she says. And less glasses would be a good thing for Lemon, whom Fey, 39, perceives as Sex and the City heroine Carrie Bradshaw’s bumbling alter ego.

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While Lemon is “based on a version of myself from before,” says Fey, she also believes that the free-spirited Bradshaw and repressed Lemon would get along. “Liz has little to no style and little to no sex drive,” she says. “Carrie would be very encouraging of Lemon and help her have more confidence.”

As it is, much of Fey’s life is more akin to that of Liz Lemon’s – filled with haplessness and endless toil. “Work, come home, play, kid bounce, work again, go to bed,” she ticks off. Fey says she often writes 30 Rock on the way to the studio and is so overwhelmed that “sometimes I’ll be telling my husband [composer Jeff Richmond], ‘I think I’m cracking up.’ ”

And while Fey vowed to retire her Sarah Palin impersonation right after last November’s election, she realizes that with the next month’s publication of Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, the hair, glasses and flat-as-Kansas accent will probably be with her for a while.

The wig, she says, will soon have to “come out of the closet.”