Timmy's 'South Park' Sing-A-Long

While last night on “South Park,” the usually self-obsessed character Eric Cartman was concerned with saving his cronies from going to Hell, the week before he was trying to organize a boys band so he could make $10 million. Well, sorry, Eric, you’ve been beaten to the punch. The show’s newest character, Timmy, a wheelchair-bound mentally handicapped kid who repeatedly spouts his own name, yesterday released a hard rock single, “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld.” (On the B-side is “Timmy Livin’ a Lie.”) For the time being, Comedy Central said in a statement, the single is only available as a $2.49 pay-per-download in Windows Media on the network’s Web site, as well as through participating Alliance Entertainment Store-24 retailers. A sample is available on the Comedy Central site.

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