TIME'S Men of Year (Just in Time)

Those two adversaries President Bill Clinton and special prosecutor Kenneth Starr were named TIME Magazine’s Men of the Year on Sunday, a day after the independent counsel’s investigation culminated with the historic House vote to impeach the President. “The news reinforced our decision, which we had been wrestling with until the final days, to choose as our Men of the Year Bill Clinton and his pursuer Kenneth Starr, whose shared obstinacy but radically different personalities and values caused them to become entwined in a sullied embrace and paired for history,” TIME managing editor Walter Isaacson wrote in the double issue hitting newsstands Monday. (TIME, like PEOPLE, is published by Time, Inc.)

  • Other Man of the Year candidates were Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, Sen. John Glenn, baseball slugger Mark McGwire and the Irish peacemakers. Isaacson confirmed speculation that Hillary Rodham Clinton had been a leading contender for the magazine’s honor. Not listed were Mick Foley or Matthew Shepard, the top choices in the TIME Online reader poll. McGwire, however, was named Hero of the Year. “We needed Mark McGwire in 1998, needed him desperately,” wrote TIME’s Dan Okrent on the St. Louis Cardinal who broke the home-run record by hitting 70 last season.
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