Tim Tebow – now signed with the Philadelphia Eagles – celebrates the anniversary of his Tim Tebow Foundation

By Steve Helling
Updated August 14, 2015 12:20 PM
Tim Tebow and a young fan
Credit: Courtesy Tim Tebow Foundation

Tim Tebow is having a fantastic 28th birthday.

For one thing, the quarterback is training with the Philadelphia Eagles and gearing up for the next season. (“Playing in the NFL is a lifelong dream,” Tebow told PEOPLE when he began practicing with the Eagles. “I wouldn’t work as hard as I do if I didn’t care so much about it.”)

But more importantly for Tebow, he’s celebrating 5 years of the Tim Tebow Foundation, his charity that was created “to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

As a birthday celebration, Tebow has shared a video montage of his Foundation’s work. The 8-minute video shares stories and photos of Tebow and some of the children the foundation serves around the world.

The video begins and ends with the story of Flora Mae Manuel, one of the first patients of the Tebow CURE Hospital, a five-story facility in the Philippines.

“Being part of the Tim Tebow Foundation these past five years has been one of the greatest blessings of my life,” Tebow tells PEOPLE. “I am so humbled by the way God has blessed this foundation through the support of so many.”

In addition to the hospital in Davao City, the Tim Tebow Foundation includes many other facets, including Timmy’s Playrooms in children’s hospitals, the W15H program that grants wishes to children with life threatening illnesses, and Orphan Care, a program that provides support to orphans and grants to families adopting international children with special needs.

In multiple interviews with PEOPLE, he has called his charitable work “the most important thing that I do.”

“In the past five years,” he says, “I have laughed, I have cried and I have fallen in love over and over again with the children we are able to serve around the world.”

See the exclusive video above.