The country singer jokingly reveals how he plans to keep future suitors away

By Liz McNeil
Updated January 07, 2009 02:05 PM
Credit: Evan Agostini/AP

Tim McGraw is already a protective dad – but he says when it comes time for his three daughters to start dating, the boys will have to get past him first.

“I think I am in denial,” he tells Family Ciricle magazine about the idea that daughters Gracie, 12, Maggie, 10 and Audrey, 7, will ever date.

As for how he’ll deal with potential suitors, he has some tricks up his sleeve. “I’ve jokingly told my friends who have sons the same age as Gracie that I’m going to hit the nicest boy of the bunch right off the bat,” he tells the magazine that will be on newsstands Monday. “So when he goes to school with a black eye, all of the other boys will see that I’ve punched the nicest one and they’ll be scared to death of me.”

But the tough guy, who is married to Faith Hill, is still a softie around his girls. Asked if he’s a pushover he says, “I’d say, ‘No,’ but Faith might disagree.”

He adds: “My girls have me wrapped around their little fingers. We also play dress up and I let them put make up on me. But even if we’re grocery shopping it’s still a good time.”

Being surrounded by women is not unusual for the country heartthrob. “I grew up with my mom and two younger sisters, and they always had friends over,” he says. “But I draw the line at seeing too many chick flicks with Faith.”

The couple, who have been married 12 years, have a rule that’s helped them stay connected despite their busy schedules. “Call each other before we get on a flight and after we land. It’s our rule.”