Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

The whole Kaine family was in the audience when Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday.

The whole family, except for one.

Tim Kaine’s son Nat, an active-duty Marine, was deployed just after Hillary Clinton named the U.S. senator from Virginia her running mate last week.

“Nat deployed with his Marine battalion two days ago to protect and defend the very NATO allies that Trump now says he would abandon,” Kaine said Wednesday, in his first speech as the Democrats’ officially nominated choice for VP.

Kaine discussed how important protecting the military is to him as a politician and on a personal level. He then paid , his running mate, quite the compliment.

“As he’s serving abroad, I trust Hillary Clinton with our son’s life,” he said.

Nat attended George Washington University and was a part of the school’s ROTC program. He began active duty as a U.S. Marine back in January 2013.

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During his speech, Kaine also mustered up an unflattering impersonation of Trump telling voters “Believe me!”

And, of course, an endorsement for his new boss.

Clinton, he said, “is ready.”

“She’s ready because of her faith. She’s ready because of her heart. She’s ready because of her experience. And she’s ready because she knows in America we are stronger when we are together. My fellow Democrats, this week we start the next chapter in our great and proud story.”