After starting in Antarctica on Saturday, Tim Durbin is preparing for his final marathon in Australia

By Kelli Bender
January 23, 2015 05:00 PM

Tim Durbin is 26.2 miles from completing the World Marathon Challenge.

The San Francisco man is the only American participating in the impressive test of endurance, which challenges runners to complete seven marathons in seven days, each on a different continent, reports ABC7.

Durbin, 31, and 12 others started the feat on Saturday in Antarctica, running around the Union Glacier. The group has gone on to finish five more marathons, covering Chile, Miami, Madrid, Morocco and Dubai, and is now approaching their last run in Sydney, Australia.

“I just saw it as another mental and physical challenge that I could take on and prove that an average person like me can actually do what a lot of people think is impossible,” Durbin said of why he decided to partake in the World Marathon Challenge.

The adventurous athlete has hoofed it through snow, rain, heat and exhaustion, catching what little sleep he can on the plane rides between continents to get to this point.

Durbin is expected to complete the challenge, but he still has miles to go afterwards.

For Durbin, the World Marathon Challenge is part of a bigger personal project to run 24,902 miles – the circumference of the Equator – by 2022.

If you would like to follow Durbin’s final leg of the challenge or make a charitable donation to his cause, the V Foundation for Cancer Research, visit his website.

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