Georgia Mother of 3 Reacts to Surprise Pregnancy After Husband's Vasectomy: 'This Baby Was Meant to Be in This World!'

"What we had in our mind wasn't what God had in his," Tim Brummel tells PEOPLE

Photo: Sara Brauda


Seven months after having a vasectomy at a Florida clinic, Tim Brummel was shocked when he and his wife, Rachel, found out they were expecting a baby boy.

Tim says he began to suspect the procedure “failed” when, recently, Rachel had become extremely tired, showing “signs of being pregnant.”

A call to the doctor confirmed his hunch – the vasectomy was unsuccessful and the clinic never reached out with his follow-up test results.

“We’re definitely not upset, we had wanted to grow our family through adoption anyway,” Tim, who requested for the name of the clinic to be omitted, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a little unprofessional not to let us know, but those [procedures] aren’t perfect, so I don’t fault them for not working.”

The clinic, citing patient-privacy laws, would not release a comment to PEOPLE.

Tim says he had the procedure in December and went in for a routine follow-up examination five months later to make sure “there were no more swimmers still swimming around!”

“I never got my results back, so I figured no news was good news,” explains Tim. “but when Rachel began showing signs of pregnancy in July, I called the clinic who said that one side [of the vas deferens (or ductus deferens)] was unsuccessfully clipped.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a follow up semen-exam – usually 3 to 4 months after the procedure – is routine as sperm can remain in the body for months.

Tim, 25, held off on telling his wife about the failed operation until he could confirm her pregnancy himself.

“How many guys get the chance to tell their wife she is pregnant? I wanted to surprise her!” says Tim of Rachel, 26. “I turned off the toilet water in the middle of the night and flushed so there was no water in it.”

“And the test came back positive!”

Tim then filmed the heartwarming moment he revealed to his wife and their three young sons – and later to their sons, Jackson, 4, Sawyer, 3, and Wyatt, 1 – that she was pregnant.

“She was so, so excited,” he says. “This baby was meant to be in this world!”

The couple, who now live in Canton, Georgia, had originally decided to pursue a vasectomy because they wanted to adopt children.

“But I think it’s a God thing,” explains Tim. “We had our plans to adopt, we wanted four or five kids total, but God decided to overrule that one! What we had in our mind wasn’t what God had in his. And honestly we might still adopt.”

The baby, due March 4, is a “total blessing” for the family.

“And we just couldn’t be happier,” he says. “It’s funny how life works out like that sometimes. “

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