"I'm the only one who loved her," writes the reality star in the face of mounting criticism

By Charlotte Triggs
January 07, 2010 02:35 PM
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Tila Tequila is defending herself on the Internet, fighting off claims she ignored warning signs in the days leading up to Casey Johnson’s death

“I was the ONLY one who was constantly checking on my Wifey cuz I knew something was wrong,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “I was out of town 2 meet my Brother. I have all the text messages to prove it!”

Since Johnson was found dead on Monday, people close to her have criticized the MTV star, claiming she was a bad influence and exploited Johnson – before and after her death – for attention.

But on her official blog, Tequila says Johnson actually planned “to start a new life with me.”

“Casey cut out a lot of ‘bad’ people from her past to be with me cuz I was a good influence on her,” Tequila insists. “We were so in love.”