Hidden from public view like the golfer himself, the aptly named Solitude was designed with Elin in mind

By Linda Marx
February 12, 2010 08:00 AM
Credit: David Cannon/Getty

The future of Tiger Woods‘s marriage and career may be in question, but the embattled golf star will have something to look forward to in the coming weeks: A new, custom-designed sporting boat christened Solitude, according to sources.

Aptly named for the embattled athlete who hasn’t been seen since fighting with wife Elin Nordegren on Thanksgiving night, the 61-foot boat may also serve as a peace offering. “Solitude is a dive boat and was designed for Elin, who loves the sport,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Nordegren and Woods did a lot of diving in the early years of their marriage, and he had told friends he might buy a dive boat. “Tiger and Elin have continued diving when they are out for relaxation,” says a source. “And they talked about having a boat that would be mainly for this purpose.”

Two years in the works and built at a cost of $2 to $3 million, the boat is much smaller than his 150-foot yacht Privacy and is currently docked at the Pirate’s Cove Resort & Marina less than 10 minutes from his new Jupiter Island estate-in-progress.

Neither the builder nor the dock would confirm that the Solitude was intended for Woods. “We are making Solitude for a corporation, and we never know who the client is,” a source at Garlington Landeweer Marine tells PEOPLE. “It is docked around here and will be delivered to the client soon. It has not been used yet.”

The Pirate’s Cove dockmaster says, “I am not aware if we have Tiger’s boat here. They don’t tell me who owns these kinds of luxury yachts.”
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A source acknowledges that Woods has been secretive about his new boat. “He has had it covered up for quite awhile,” says the source. “But now it is out in the open and soon he can actually enjoy it.”

And the source says the new vessel could be a place for some family bonding time. “Maybe the boat will represent a new beginning for Tiger and Elin,” says the source. “Romantic sea air can do wonders for a troubled marriage.”