Thunder From Down Under performers Ben Cleary and Stephen Morris tell PEOPLE how they get photo shoot ready

Credit: Robert John Kley Photography

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to see Thunder from Down Under perform live in Las Vegas — the group is back with their famous annual calendar shoot so you can enjoy eye candy every day in 2018.

With exclusive behind-the-scenes shots of the Australia-based men’s dance revue, performers Ben Clearly and Stephen Morris tell PEOPLE exclusively what really goes into preparing for the steamy photo shoot.

“You know, all of the hard work is done by this point,” Morris told PEOPLE while on set in Las Vegas. “So all those times where you wanted to eat those donuts or chocolates, this is the time that all of the hard work is paid off.”

Credit: Australia's Thunder From Down Under

Both men are a part of the Thunder From Down Under touring team, and since that means they’re constantly on the road for performances across the world, Morris says they often have to get “creative” when eating out to keep up their toned physiques.

Credit: Australia's Thunder From Down Under

“We have to annoy some waitresses and alter the menu a little bit and motivate each other to stay away from those treats. We hit the gym as much as we can in different cities across the world,” Morris explains. “It’s a team effort to make sure we all are training.”

He adds: “Everyone has different methods of training. Ben, for instance, is a bit of a freak so he eats what he wants and looks better each time he eats a bad meal. But I try to diet and train extra hard.”

Credit: Australia's Thunder From Down Under

Though it may come as a surprise among this group of guys — there are no egos on set.

“They don’t hire guys with egos — we’re all chill Aussie boys that come from different backgrounds and everyone gets along,” Morris says. “I grew up with two sisters and now, I feel like I’ve got 25 brothers.”

Cleary continues: “We’re lucky enough to call this a job so sometimes we look at ourselves and go, ‘This is the life.'”

Credit: Australia's Thunder From Down Under

To Cleary and Morris, the best part of touring with the group and performing for their Las Vegas residency at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino is seeing the “joy it brings people” when they perform.

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“Performing in front of these people is pretty rewarding when you see how happy they are. It makes it all worthwhile,” says Cleary. “Once we go out on stage, the energy and good vibes from people inspires us to put on a good show.”

Credit: Australia's Thunder From Down Under

Now that the shoot is over, Morris says, “It’s back to business as normal putting on a good show for the ladies across the world.”