Now that the three healthiest of their surviving octuplets have come home from the hospital, Ikye Louis Udobi and Nkem Chukwu say they welcome the challenges along with the rewards — but donations would be helpful. “We need a van and a bigger house,” said the babies’ father, Ikye Louis Udobi. Louis and his wife brought home daughters Ebuka and Echerem and son Jioke on Wednesday morning. The infants were greeted by “Welcome Home” signs and an impromptu family celebration. “There was dancing and rejoicing,” Louis said. “My mother-in-law was kind of singing, rejoicing and praising the Lord.” He got the feeling his babies sensed the moment, too. “They opened their eyes when they got home, signifying, ‘We’re home,'” he said.

  • The three have been among the largest and healthiest since birth. Chima, a girl, is fighting off an intestinal ailment and should be home within a few weeks, pediatrician Dr. Patti Savrick said. Chidi and Gorom, both girls, continue to get 24-hour care in the neonatal intensive care unit. The weakest and smallest baby is the only other boy, Ikem, who was back on a ventilator after surgery overnight to repair an inflamed bowel.
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