Those Hills Still Alive

First, there were midnight showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Now, the main attraction is somewhat different: the well-scrubbed Julie Andrews and company in “The Sound of Music.” The 1965 musical classic has been packing them into London’s Prince Charles Cinema (“Rocky Horror”‘s former venue) since August, and the popularity of the special showings does not appear to be waning. Both male and female fans show up on Friday nights decked out in dirndls and nun’s habits (Nazi costumes are not allowed) and then they sing along as lyrics are flashed on the screen. Participants also hiss the baroness, boo the villains and yodel with “The Lonely Goatherd.” Plans are said to be underway to tour this special edition of the movie all over the U.K. before bringing it to America.

Additional reporting by Tony Phillips.

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