Cause of death was "acute ethanol and Diazepam intoxication" the report stated

By Stephen M. Silverman
May 08, 2012 07:10 AM
Credit: Michael A. Jones/Sacramento Bee/ZUMA

An autopsy performed on popular artist Thomas Kinkade blames his April 6 death on an accidental overdose of “acute ethanol and Diazepam intoxication” – alcohol and prescription tranquilizers, reports NBC Bay Area News.

“Mr. Kinkade died of respiratory depression as a result of a high concentration of ethanol combined with benzodiazepine use,” California’s Santa Clara County Medical Examiner’s report stated.

The self-described “painter of light,” 54, died at his home in Monte Sereno, Calif. His family initially said his death was from natural causes.

In an interview last month, the artist’s brother, Patrick Kinkade, said Thomas had battled alcoholism for as long as five years.

Also beset with financial reverses, Kinkade had separated from his wife, Nanette, and their four daughters in 2010.

Still, Nanette Kinkade said upon her husband’s death, “Thom provided a wonderful life for his family. We are shocked and saddened by his death.”