An airline crackdown on flying pigs and other animals is jeopardizing a mother-daughter comedy act that features a “talking” pot-bellied pig named Pork Chop, reports the Kalamazoo (MI) Gazette. Alicia and Debbie Dacoba tell the paper that unless they can find a carrier that will let them transport Pork Chop in the passenger cabin, they may have to shelve their 2-year-old animal ventriloquism show. “Alicia and Her Live Talkin’ Critters” has appeared on ABC News, the “Today” show, “CBS This Morning” and Comedy Central. In March the act is scheduled to appear at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas as a tribute to the late Shari Lewis, the ventriloquist with the talking puppet Lamb Chop. But without airline tickets to get there, the Dacobas and company are going nowhere.

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