Kendal Unruh, a delegate on the Rules Committee of the RNC, hopes to convince other members that they are not required to vote for Donald Trump

Credit: Michael Reaves/The Denver Post/Getty

It’s summer vacation for Colorado high school teacher Kendal Unruh – but instead of taking a break, she’s trying to take down Donald Trump.

Unruh, a conservative activist, is a delegate on the Rules Committee of the Republican National Convention, according to NBC News. She hopes to use her position within the committee to convince other GOP party members that delegates are not required to vote for Trump.

Helming the joint mission of the groups Free the Delegates and Delegates Unbound along with ally Dane Waters, Unruh is charging that RNC primary results are not binding: “It’s a preference poll,” she tells NPR.

She wants the rules committee to switch to language that would clearly allow delegates to vote for the nominee of their preference, NPR reports.

“There is no language supporting binding in the temporary rules of the convention, which are the only rules that matter,” the Delegates Unbound group says on its website.

In only a month, Unruh has raised an impressive $3.5 million for her organization, according to NBC. The groups have rented office space in Cleveland – where the RNC is being held next week – for volunteers and staff to strategize.

After much plotting, Unruh will make her rule clarification proposal to the committee on Thursday and Friday – but she admits to NPR that it will likely be voted down.

The proposal won’t be completely dead at that point, however. If Unruh can get 28 members of the committee to sign a “minority report,” she can be recognized on the full convention floor for a vote next week, according to NBC.

In tandem, Waters has also organized an outreach effort to all the GOP delegates, pushing them to lose Trump.

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But it’s likely that ditching the popular presumptive nominee would not sit well with voters.

And because Trump so decisively won the majority of the Republican delegates during the primaries this year, there’s no obvious replacement candidate for the group to throw their efforts behind.

But Unruh isn’t backing down. Quoting Field of Dreams, she told NPR, simply, “If you build it, he will come.”