Credit: Courtesy Chrissy Teigen; Inset:Pierre Suu/WireImage

You’ve got good company, Chrissy Teigen.

Women have been proudly sharing pictures of their thighs using the hashtag #ThighReading to tell their stories on social media.

The movement started on Twitter last week when popular feminist user @princess_labia posted a picture of her thighs with the caption “palm readings <<<< thigh readings" and encouraged her followers to "show me ur #thighreading."

“I had the idea that my stretch marks told a story the same way I had been told my palms did,” @princess_labia told Mashable.

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Unlike palmistry, which aims to foretell the events of a person’s life through the natural lines on their hands, thigh-reading gives people an opportunity to share their past experiences through the signs life has left on their thighs. Many women have shared the stories of illness, self-harm and survival behind the bruises, bumps, scars, cellulite and stretch marks on their upper legs.

Speaking to Mashable, @princess_labia, who prefers not to share her real name, said that helping young women feel confident and normal with their bodies in a Photoshopped world motivates her to post pictures of her flaws and imperfections. (And judging by the thousand-plus – and counting – pictures tagged with #ThighReading, it’s definitely resonating with the Twitterverse.)

“For those of you not on Twitter, imagine a 15-year-old girl scrolling through #ThighReading or other body-positive hashtags and finally being able to see an image reflected back at her that she resonates with,” she said. “I post my pictures for me, but mostly for her.”