By Louise A. Barile
March 22, 2002 12:00 PM

Liza Minnelli, 56, and her new husband David Gest, 48, were startled on Thursday night when a thief tried to grab the singer’s diamond crucifix necklace through an open limousine window as they were driving through the posh Holland Park district of west London, reports the Associated Press. “They had stopped at traffic lights and Miss Minnelli’s window was down,” the singer’s British spokeperson, David Freed, told the AP. “Someone put their hand into the car and Liza, who is incredibly gracious to her fans, thought it was an autograph hunter. But the driver, who saw there were others with this person, immediately rolled up the window. They tried the car door but he managed to speed away.” Fortunately, the couple didn’t allow their hurried getaway to spoil their honeymoon. According to the AP, they stopped at a coffee shop and proceeded with their plans to attend a private dinner held in their honor and a club afterwards. “It all happened so quickly,” they said in a joint statement to the AP. “We’re New Yorkers so nothing scares us.”

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