They're Back! '90s TV Stars Then & Now

From Christina Applegate to Kelsey Grammer, see the familiar faces in new shows this fall. By Brian Orloff

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Everett Collection; CRAIG SJODIN/ABC

Then: Kelly Bundy on Married With Children (1987-1997)
Now: Samantha on Samantha Who? (ABC, Mondays, 9:30 p.m.)
Premieres: Oct. 15
On Returning to TV: "I looked at a lot of pilots this year," says Applegate, who plays an amnesiac on the ABC comedy. "This one was the one that came along and I thought what a great, open road for me as an actor. For me to do this again, it had to be something special."

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Everett Collection; ERIC OGDEN/ABC

Then: Joe Montgomery Hackett on Wings (1990-1997)
Now: Dr. Pete Finch on Private Practice (ABC, Wednesdays, 9 p.m.)
Premieres: Sept. 26
On His McHot New Role: "It was between this and the remake of Ironside for me – being in a wheelchair the entire time," Daly jokes about choosing to play Kate Walsh's new McDreamy on the Grey's Anatomy spinoff.

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Everett Collection; ANDREW SOUTHAM/ABC

Then: Abbie Carmichael on Law amp Order (1998-2001)
Now: Lindsay Boxer on Women's Murder Club (ABC, Fridays, 9 p.m.)
Premieres: Oct. 12
The Ultimate Juggling Act: Harmon says it was a no-brainer for her to play Lt. Lindsay Boxer, one of four women solving homicides on the ABC drama. "These women ... they're intelligent. They're witty. They're talented," she says. "They're also completely flawed…and that's an actor's dream to have both of those things.

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Everett Collection; Sam Jones/FOX

Then: Dr. Frasier Crane on Frasier (1993-2004)
Now: Chuck Darling on Back to You (FOX, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.)
Premieres: Sept. 19
It's Mr. TV Three-peat: "I am thrilled to be back doing something I'm good at," Grammer tells PEOPLE about going back to work after spending time off with his family. "The last few years I've had a wonderful time. [And] life deals us different challenges. This is a new one. What would be wrong with doing three of the greatest television shows in history?"

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Everett Collection; CRAIG SJODIN/ABC

Then: Ling Woo on Ally McBeal (1998-2002)
Now: Mia Mason on Cashmere Mafia (ABC, Tuesdays, 9 p.m.")
Premieres: Nov. 27
The 21st Century Ally McBeal: "I loved how [the show] was a modern version of Ally McBeal, Liu says of Mafia, which follows the lives of four high-powered Manhattan women. Liu explains the characters are all "trying to find their way in their relationship and their careers…It's not an easy balance to find."

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Everett Collection; Roberto D'Este/CBS

Then: Detective Bobby Simone on NYPD Blue (1994-2004)
Now: Alex Vega on Cane (CBS, Tuesdays, 10 p.m.)
Premieres: Sept. 25
He's a Team Player: "I function best when we have that ensemble element going on," Smits tells PEOPLE of joining the Miami-set drama that follows a Cuban-American family in the sugar business. "We have this beautiful wheel here…and we're all very important spokes in it."

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