They Said What? For Tuesday October 31, 2006

The single life suits Whitney "great," thank you. Plus, more from Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton and others

• “I feel great.”
Whitney Houston, at the Carousel of Hope ball, her first major public appearance since splitting with husband Bobby Brown

• “When I saw the film, I thought, ‘We’ve got good chemistry, for two people who’ve never met.'”
Hugh Jackman, on doing voiceover work with Kate Winslet in the animated flick Flushed Away, to New York magazine

• “People shouldn t judge me and assume that’s how I am. I get in so many fights with guys who are like, ‘In public, you are the sexiest sex symbol, but you re not sexual at all at home.’ … I’d rather watch a movie or Lost, or like, eat.”
Paris Hilton, debunking her promiscuous image, to Seventeen

• “If you want to hate me, cool, hate me. You know why? Because all it’s going to do is help me.”
Kevin Federline, to PEOPLE

• “I remember a lot of those plastic (costumes) with the masks that made your face sweat … and hurt the back of your ears with that little elastic strip.”
Scott Wolf, on what he remembers of his childhood Halloween costumes, to

• “I just couldn’t get over the idea that if it had been women, we wouldn’t be speaking for years; you do not get over that stuff in two or three minutes. That takes years and years of therapy and counseling.”
Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, downplaying the onset dustup between costars Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington, to Ellen DeGeneres

• “Cate (Blanchett) called it the Hungry Bum … When your bum’s so hungry it’s trying to eat your pants.”
Brad Pitt, on the wedgies he’d give himself on the set of Babel to amuse the cast and crew, to Entertainment Weekly

• “You bonehead.”
David Letterman, responding to guest Bill O’Reilly on whether he plans on being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars

• “She is unlike any Kazakh woman I have ever seen. Pamela only had teeth that grow on inside of her mouth. And she have more hair on her head than on her back.”
Borat, on the attraction he has to Pamela Anderson, to CNN reporter Becky Anderson

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