Theo Rossi Advocates for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Through #RightToBeMe Series

"Our differences are what sets us apart and makes us exceptional," the star tells PEOPLE exclusively

Photo: Courtesy of Theo Rossi

After forging a relationship with philanthropic organization A Very Special Place when he filmed Bad Hurt, actor Theo Rossi is advocating for men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the first PSA from his #RightToBeMe series, Rossi – who founded Dos Dudes Pictures and Go Get It LIFE – strives to show people “that we all need to have more compassion for one another and embrace our differences instead of shunning them,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Our differences are what sets us apart and makes us exceptional.”

The Sons of Anarchy actor, who welcomed a son last summer, hopes to break stereotypes and celebrate diversity with the series because “awareness like this is needed in the world right now more than ever,” he adds.

While working with A Very Special Place – a non-profit that’s spent more than 40 years serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities – during production of Bad Hurt, the star was struck by how often those in the community were misconstrued.

“These men and women also have the right to be happy, employed, in love, sad, a friend and much more,” Rossi says in a press release announcing the series.

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